These names, addresses, and links are for publishers, distributors, institutions, recording companies, and others who may help provide access to David Rosenboom's music, writings, and related work.

200 East 10th Street, pmb 126, New York, NY 10003, USA; e-mail: contact:info@tzadik.com
Lovely Music, Ltd.
10 Beach St., New York, NY 10013 USA; phone: 212-941-8911, fax: 212-334-5149; email: malcolm@lovely.com
New World Records
20 Jay Street, Suite 1001, Brooklyn, NY 11201 USA; phone: (212) 290-1680, fax: (646) 224-9638; email: info@newworldrecords.org
Art into Life
Japan; email: aon@cc9.ne.jp
Consortium to Distribute Computer Music
P.O. Box 50888, Denton, TX, 76206 USA; e-mail: larryaustin@grandecom.net
Centaur Records, Inc.
136 St. Joseph Street, Baton Rouge, LA 70802 USA; phone: (225 336-4877, fax: (225) 336-9678; e-mail: info@centaurrecords.com
Frog Peak Music
PO Box 1052, Lebanon, NH 03766 USA; phone: (603) 448-6060; e-mail: fp@frogpeak.org
Mutable Music
109 West 27th Street, Eighth floor, New York, NY 10001 USA; phone: 212-627-0990, fax: 212-627-5504; e-mail: info@mutablemusic.com
Pogus Productions
e-mail: pogal@pogus.com
EM Records
Japan; email: webmaster@emrecords.net
Ninewinds Records
Electronic Music Foundation
PO Box 8748, Albany, New York 12208 USA, phone: (518) 434-4110 voice, (888) 749-9998 voice, e-mail: emf@emf.org
CDeMusic (division of EMF Music)
PO Box 8748, Albany, NY, 12208 USA; phone: (518) 434-4110
New Music USA
90 John Street, Suite 312, New York, NY 10038 USA; phone: (212) 645-6949, fax: (646) 490-0998; e-mail: library@newmusicusa.org
Seesaw Music Corp at Subito Music Online Store
Customer service: (973) 857-3440
NOTE: Seesaw Music Corp originally published and possesses the manuscripts for these pieces: Caliban Upon Setebos for orchestra; Pocket Pieces for flute, alto sax, viloa and percussion; To That Predestined Dancing Place for 4 percussion; and Trio for Bb clarinet, C trumpet and string bass. These have sometimes been very hard to find and Seesaw Music Corp has been unresponsive in recent years. As of 2013, all four pieces do appear on the website for the Subito Music Online Store. Beware that the composer's name is sometimes misspelled by adding an extra "l" (Rosenb(l)oom), which can make searching difficult. Contact the composer if unable to secure published copies of these pieces.
Music Gallery and
for Music Gallery Editions records also check Discogs and other sources and
197 John Street, Toronto, ON, Canada M5T 1X6; phone: (416) 204-1080, fax: (416) 204-9989
Musicworks Magazine
401 Richmond Street West, #358, Toronto, ON, Canada M5V 3A8; phone: (416) 977-3546, fax: (416) 977-4181; email: sound@musicworks.ca
For Music Gallery Editions records, check Discogs
Western Front archives
303 East 8th Ave., Vancouver, BC, Canada V5T 1S1
211 Sutter Street, Suite #501, San Francisco CA 94108, USA
Computer Music Journal
The MIT Press
55 Hyward Street, Cambridge, MA 02142-1493 USA; phone: (617) 253-5646, fax: (617) 258-6779
Many common online distributors also carry Rosenboom recordings and other material:
CD Universe
Barnes and Noble
Mimaroglu Music Sales
Sound Ohm
Artist Direct
Forced Exposure
Presto Classical (UK)
Wayside Music
. . . also on Apple iTunes
. . . and often on eBay