Androgyny, Broke and Blue, Wild About the Lady, Strong Arms, Grand Canyon Heartache, Clear Light, Younger Lady, Oasis in the Air

1976 to 1978

With Jacqueline Humbert, eight songs for voice and piano with optional subsidiary parts.

Recording of all except Oasis in the Air released on J. Jasmine…My New Music, Chez Hum–Boom Publishing and Aesthetic Research Centre of Canada, DR001, Toronto, 1978, LP; scores for all contained in The J. Jasmine Songbook, Chez Hum–Boom Publishing, Santa Clarita, CA, 1978, available from Frog Peak Music, Hanover, NH; video documentation of a performance, Western Front Video, Vancouver, 1978; second version of Oasis in the Air included on Chanteuse, Songs of a Different Sort, Lovely Music, Ltd., New York, 2004, [CD].