In the Beginning IV (Electronic)


[SCORE AVAILABLE FOR DOWNLOAD] The eighth in the In the Beginning series of eight major works for various instrumental ensembles, soloists and electronic media.

In the Beginning IV (Electronic) (1980) is for computer–assisted electronic music system. In this work, many of the elements of the In the Beginning harmonic and rhythmic system, language of proportions and melodic contour methods are made available to the performer by means of an interactive software-hardware performance system. The score specifies a few rules for transitions among materials, but allows the performer to freely realize interacting vines of counterpoint and rhythms while activating the materials in real time with improvisational spirit. The work was originally realized with a Buchla 300 Electric Music Box and the PATCH-IV computer language. The score includes the computer program, guide sheets used by the composer in live performances that show how functions are called up and graphs showing the contours of expressive shapes applied to sound synthesis and musical control functions. A recording of a live performance by the composer that took place at Mills College in 1980 is due to be released by New World Records in 2012.