In the Beginning V (The Story)


[SCORE & PARTS AVAILABLE FOR DOWNLOAD] The eighth in the In the Beginning series of eight major works for various instrumental ensembles, soloists and electronic media.

In the Beginning V (The Story) (1980) is written in six movements for chamber orchestra with a minimum of 16 players in four quartets. Instruments are specified by range: woodwinds (two high, one medium, one low), brass (two high, two low), keyboards and percussion (two of each), and strings (two high, two low). Various doublings may be considered in a larger orchestra, as long as all parts are balanced and heard to be equal in function. This work sums up the array of techniques for harmonic and rhythmic forms, melodic contours and counterpoint that were developed through earlier works in the In the Beginning series. In its original version, a film (now transferred to video) was included and a three-part dialogue was written that was intended to be realized with real or synthesized voices, live or pre-recorded, in various settings. Though the dialogue is included with the score, it and the film/video are now thought of as independent components of the In the Beginning story. They can be used alone or in various combinations with other material from the entire series of eight musical works. An excerpt of the original, hand copied score was published in Rampike, Vol. 2, Nos. 1 & 2, Toronto, 1982. A new recording by an orchestra of extraordinary Los Angeles area musicians is due to be released by New World records in 2012.