Brainwave Music & Brainwave Music 2006

1976 to 2006

Music involving biofeedback, electronic and computer music systems, instruments, speaking voices and more; Portable Gold and Philosophers' Stones (1972), Piano Etude I (1971) by Rosenboom and Chilean Drought (1974) by Rosenboom and Jacqueline Humbert, A.R.C. Records #ST1002, Vancouver/Toronto, 1976, [LP record]; re-mastered for digital and released with an additional work, Four Lines (Two High) (2001) by Rosenboom, with Libby Van Cleve, oboe, and Rosenboom, violin and electronics; includes 44-page booklet documenting these pieces and Rosenboom's related experimental music activity, particularly emphasizing the 1970s, with photos and diagrams, in Japanese with some English, 2006, EM Records #EN1054CD, [CD]