[PDFs OF SCORE AND PARTS AVAILABLE FOR DOWNLOAD] Hades, music by David Rosenboom and text by Erin Young, was written for the "mobile opera for 24 cars," Hopscotch, produced in Los Angeles in 2015 by The Industry, conceived and directed by Yuval Sharon. Hades served as Chapter 26 in Hopscotch. The score calls for four principal singers—soprano, two baritones, and bass—, a "River Voice" trio—two sopranos (one high/coloratura) and mezzo-soprano—, three trumpets, and three percussion. Hades has been recorded and released on Hopscotch from The Industry Records.

"In her nightmare vision, Lucha [a principal character in Hopscotch] arrives at the River Styx [the Los Angeles River in Hopscotch]. She pleads with a Boatman to allow her passage to find Jameson [another principal], and further down the river her deceased father, who prophesies catastrophes befalling the city-Hell is taking over, but she can still save herself. A trio of Furies [River Voices] drives her from the scene." (From Hopscotch synopsis)