The Seduction of Sapientia

1973 to 1974

[VIDEO LINKS AVAILABLE] [SCORE AVAILABLE FOR DOWNLOAD] Three movements for viola da gamba employing cyclical gradual process techniques and parts in which melodies are drawn from the overtones of the instrument, originally realized with voltage controlled resonators and an envelope follower responding to subtle changes in bow pressure. The work may also be realized with other bowed stringed instruments, particularly the cello, which can use the notation in the original version. (Other instruments may require transpositions.) The electronic parts may also be realized with modern digital or hybrid media.

Recording released on The Contemporary Viola da Gamba, Music Gallery Editions, MGE–7, Toronto, 1977, LP; score included in Byron, M. (ed.), Pieces, and Collected Scores, Frog Peak Music, Hanover, NH. The work was revived in a new realization with digital electronics by Dirk Moelants in 2005. The YouTube video links below show performances of the first and second movements recorded at the Logos foundation in Ghent, Belgium on March 30th 2005. Live-electronics mastered by Kristof Lauwers.