Shiftless Drifters


[SCORE AVAILABLE FOR DOWNLOAD] Duet for two instruments capable of making continuous glides in pitch; one–page score includes instructions and graphic notation.

Shiftless Drifters is a play of interactions between two performers involving opposition, delay, synchrony, following/shadowing, sampling/parsing, random replay, anticipation, punctuation, and free response. Using the forms of gyres (three-dimensional spirals) as guides, a performance of any length is made with sounds comprised only of glissandi, carefully executed over a large and continuous range. Shiftless Drifters was originally written for cellist Jessica Catron and violinist Johnny Chang.

The gyres symbolize a world of opposing elements swirling up apparent experiences. The players enter in the spirit of automatic writing, automatic musical interaction, mindful of shadowing principles: shadowing each other, embodying spirit cycles, embodying shadows, being the shadow versus the shadowed; in assiduity, shaping the antinomial and sublunary with ascendency and equilibration.