There Are Sixteen Hours in a Day, Four Days in a Week, Two Weeks in a Month, Seven Months in a Year, The Rest of the Time is Spent Listening and in Contemplation of Fire


With George Manupelli, composer–artist duet, performance art with electronic music and theater.

Elements of the piece include live electronic music generated with chaotic oscillators and noise circuits throughout, sawing wood and nailing boards together to make a set of bleachers on stage, placing pieces of toy furniture and other selected objects on the bleachers, one or two actor models sometimes taking reclining poses on the bleachers, painting the toy objects with rubber cement and setting them on fire, placing small naked loudspeakers on the bleachers and playing pulses through them until their paper cones possibly rip or come loose, speaking these words through a megaphone, "Much of modern physics reduces itself to a controversy over whether an adequate description of nature is necessarily complicated or simple," and other actions and objects improvised by the performers.