Music for Analog Computers: Music for Unstable Circuits


A collection of live electronic music synthesis, made with analog computers and chaotic, unstable circuits built and/or invented by Rosenboom to explore ideas about instability,

Recorded in the composer’s studio in New York, various versions have been released as Music for Unstable Circuits (+Drums) on Roundup: A Live Electro–acoustic Retrospective (1968–1984), Slowscan Editions, Vol. 7, 's–Hertogenbosch, Holland, 1987, [cassette]; Music for Unstable Circuits (+Drums+Trumpet) on Daniel Rosenboom's Bloodier, Mean Son, Nine Winds Records, Los Angeles, 2005, [CD]; and on Roundup Two, Selected Music with Electro-Acoustic Landscapes (1968-1984), Art Into Life, Japan, 2012, [2-CD set].