Over the years, David Rosenboom has been active as a conductor emphasizing and promoting unusual contemporary and some traditional music. Most recently, this has included performances with such groups as CalArts New Century Players, Atlanta Chamber Players, Idyllwild Arts Symphony Orchestra, Symphony of the Canyons, Cal Performances (Berkeley), and others. Examples from his recent repertoire are listed here.

Latest update: April 15, 2009

Robert Ashley Superior Seven (with flute soloist and electronics)
Robert Ashley When Famous Last Words Fail You (with baritone soloist, small chorus, and electronics)
Johann Christian Bach Sinfonia für Doppelorchester, Op. 18 No. 1, Eb Major
Luigi Boccherini Sinfonia in re Minore, Op. 12 No.4, "La casa del diavolo"
Anthony Braxton Composition No. 82 (four orchestras)
William Duckworth Mysterious Numbers
Salvaore Martirano Isabela
David Rosenboom Seeing the Small in the Large (six movements for full orchestra)
Edgard Varèse Nocturnal (with soprano soloist and male chorus)
Chamber Orchestra
Severin Behnen Make the Center Glow
Luciano Berio Points on the Curve to Find
Johana Magdalena Beyer March
Henry Brant Glossary (with vocal soloist)
Anthony Braxton Composition No. 63 (with solo trio)
Anthony Braxton Composition No. 135
Henry Cowell Polyphonica
Ruth Crawford Music for Small Orchestra
Nick Didkovsky Birds by their Feet, Men by their Toungue (written for David Rosenboom and CalArts New Century Players)
Tamar Diesendruck How/Feel
Lori Dobbins Trés Recuerdos del Cielo
Michael Jon Fink Temptation to Flower
Ge Gan–Ru Su (with piano soloist)
Vinny Golia First in a Series of Halvin Folklore
Rozalie Hirs Book of Mirrors
Charles Ives Tone Roads No. 1
Charles Ives Tone Roads no. 3
Ben Johnston Invocation
Arturo Márquez Danzon No. 3 (with guitar soloist)
Salvatore Martirano LON/dons
Flo Menezes Pulsares (with piano/keyboard soloist)
Roscoe Mitchell Variations and Sketches from the Bamboo Terrace (with soprano soloist)
Olga Neuwirth Hooloomooloo
Michael Pisaro All Clocks are Clouds
Silvestre Revueltas Planos
David Rosenboom Caliban Upon Setebos
David Rosenboom Continental Divide (Chamber Orchestra Version)
David Rosenboom In the Beginning V (The Story) (with projections and electronic speech)
Wadada Leo Smith NUR: Luminour, Light upon Light (with contrabass soloist)
Victor Varela Axle–Asimetrica 1 (with cello soloist)
Chen Yi Duo Ye
John Zorn Rituals
Chamber Ensembles
Michel van der Aa Mask
Louis Andriessen Hout
Herbert Brün Gestures for Eleven
Michael Byron Music of Nights Without Moon or Pearl
Michael Byron Invisible "Seeds" for James Tenney
Sylvano Bussotti Concerti grossi all'ara degli ulivi
John Cage Sixteen Dances for Soloist and Company of 3
Dean Drummond Zurrjir
Ricarado Dal Farra Civilizaciones (percussion sextet with electronics)
Barbara Monk Feldman The Immutable Silence
Earl Kim Where Grief Slumbers (with soprano soloist)
Anne LeBaron Telluris Theoria Sacra
Ruth Lomon Iatiku (Bringing to Life)
Larry Polansky Yitgadal (written for David Rosenboom and CalArts New Century Players)
Hilda Parades Tres Piezas in Memoriam L.J.
Matijs de Roo Esse est percepi
Joey Roukens Shifting lines, shifting colors
James Tenney Tableaux Vivants
Germán Toro–Pérez Rothko II
Lois V Vierk Timberline
Edson Zampronha Modelagem VII
John Zorn Shibboleth
John Zorn evocation of a neophyte (chamber ensemble with mixed choir)
John Zorn orphée
John Zorn frammenti del Sappho (chamber choir)
Robert Zuidam Vusic for Viola, Piano and Ensemble
Michael Gordon (music) and Richard Foreman (libretto) What to Wear (David Rosenboom was musical director/conductor for world première, September, 2005.)