Vancouver Piece


Environmental participation sculpture installation created for the show, Sound Sculpture, at the Vancouver Art Gallery, in which sound environments in a specially designed room with damped acoustics and visual isolation encourage learning to navigate through these sound spaces using only aural cues; pairs of participants may also have their brain signals control these sound environments; subtle light tracings embedded in the surrounding walls and optical superimposing and exchanging of the participants' faces on each other's bodies can also be triggered by alpha waves from their brains that are synchronized in phase while they face each other in meditative postures on opposite sides of a two–way mirror system.

Documented in the books: Grayson, J. (ed.). (1975). Sound sculpture. Vancouver: Aesthetic Research Centre of Canada; and in Rosenboom, D. (ed.). (1975). Biofeedback and the arts: results of early experiments. Vancouver: Aesthetic Research Centre of Canada. [Distributed by Frog Peak Music, Hanover, NH.]