Twilight Language


[SCORE AVAILABLE FOR DOWNLOAD] A major solo work for piano in four movements plus a theme, using a technique of scoring with configuration spaces and virtuosic material that can be organized in various ways. Thus, many versions of Twilight Language may be realized. The work was written originally for contemporary pianist Vicki Ray who has also recorded her version on the CD, Life Field, from Tzadik.

Twilight Language (2004) is a major solo piano work in written originally for Los Angeles area pianist, Vicki Ray. The score contains four musical configuration spaces—virtuosic musical materials organized so that the performer can choose various pathways through the material, or "configurations," all of which preserve composed musical coherence—, a Twilight Language (Theme) and symbols for surrounding sound space images to be developed and ordered by the performer. The titles of the four configuration spaces give seed foci for musical meditations: I—Devotion and Restless Heart Indistinguishable, II—Simultaneous Absence of Silence and Sound, III—Leaping from Eye of Wildest Imagination, and IV—Imperishable Jewel of Adamantine Mind. The title refers to double meanings in Sandhyabhasa (Sanskrit), the symbolic idiom of the mystical Siddhas of Tibet. Each configuration space is also inspired partially by visual images from the Tenth Century, Ch’an (Zen), Chinese painter, Shih K’o, a drawing by Lindsay Claire Rosenboom, and a diagram showing canonical proportions of Tibetan Buddha figures. A new recording by Vicki Ray is due to be released by Tzadik in 2012.