FOIL (Far Out Instrument Language), instrument definition and performance language for the Touché computer music instrument, an early keyboard instrument with digital tone generation and interactive performance software, developed at Buchla and Associates, Berkeley, CA, 1979

MetaFOIL, MetaHMSL, and FOIL–83 further languages for the Touché developed to facilitate algorithmic composition, intelligent instrument performance, and interface with other instrument and sensors; MetaHMSL was a precursor to the later development of the widely used HMSL described below; David Rosenboom Publishing, Piedmont and Santa Clarita, CA, 1979 to 1983

HMSL (Hierarchical Music Specification Language), co–developed with Phil Burk and Larry Polansky, an object–oriented software environment for music composition, performance, and experimentation, developed in the early 1980's at the Center for Contemporary Music at Mills College and continuing independently into the 1990's, version up to 4.21 were created; now available from Frog Peak Music, Hanover, NH


COMPOSITION SOFTWARE, software specific to various compositions and research projects written for various IBM and Digital Equipment Corporation computers from the late 1960's to mid–1970's

OBI I, software tools for brain signal analysis and self–organizing musical form generation written in the mid–1970's for Interdata mini–computers with interfaces to data acquisition equipment, signal correlation function and Fourier analysis equipment, and Buchla 300 Electronic Music System, created to enable the composition, On Being Invisible

ALGORITHMIC COMPOSITION TOOLKIT IN BASIC, written in the 1970's for Interdata mini–computers

HFG (Hierarchical Form Generator), interactive language for improvisation based on a partial model of perception used to parse musical inputs and re–map them onto a performing input device along with parametric shape transformation routines, written in HMSL, developed in the early 1990's

OBI II, tools for data acquisition, brain signal analysis, and detection of event related potentials (ERP's) with links to HFG software described above and the HMSL/DSP digital synthesis tools created by Phil Burk, developed in the mid–1990's

HMSL COMPOSITIONS, a large library of software tools for various compositions and algorithmic music projects written in HMSL, 1980's through 1990's