Zones of Influence


[NEW SCORE FOR DOWNLOADING COMING SOON!] Concert-length work in five parts for percussion soloist with live, computer assisted electronic music system, auxiliary keyboard and melodic instrument parts. New double-CD recording is currently in process and scores will be posted soon.

Zones of Influence is in five parts: I. The Winding of a Spring, II. Closed Attracting Trajectories, III. Given the Senses the Real Pre-geometry, IV. Epigenesis, Ontogenesis, Phylogenesis, Parthenogenesis, and V. The Buckling of a Spring. The compositional processes are inspired by models of morphogenesis, parametric shape mutation, catastrophe theory, and morphological evolution, realized with real–time composition and performance algorithms. The complete, fully-realized version is available on a double-CD with accompanying booklet containing an article about the work and its history from Pogus Productions, P21074-2, Chester, NY, (2014). A concert recording of Part I was released on a cassette anthology, Roundup: A Live Electro–acoustic Retrospective (1968–1984), Slowscan Editions, Vol. 7, 's–Hertogenbosch, Holland, (1987). This was re-released on a double-CD from the Art Into Life label in Japan, called Roundup Two—Music with Electro-acoustic Landscapes 1968-1984 (2012). Zones of Influence was composed originally for percussion virtuoso, William "Willie" Winant. ——PHOTO—— William "Willie" Winant (left) and David Rosenboom (right) at Mills College in Oakland, CA in the mid-1980s. (Photo by Jacqueline Humbert.)