"There are two basic principles of musical structure I rely on. The first is expressed by the force of attraction, (gravity, love, concentration, creation), and the second lies in the idea of repetition, (materialization, duration). My mindfulness of this constitutes the only score. I find I must wait before the beginning of each performance until I am surprised by the first sound I make and the fact that it is made. Then, I feel ready to proceed."

Documentation by Kate Craig of a performance at the Western Front, Vancouver, by the J. Jasmine persona with songs by Jacqueline Humbert, David Rosenboom, and George Manupelli, performed by Humbert, Rosenboom, and Sam Ashley, includes introduction with excerpts from Rosenboom's And Out Come the Night Ears for solo piano and electronics, Western Front Video, video, approx. 90 min.W

Buchla 300 Electronic Music System and subsidiary instruments, includes the song Oasis in the Air composed with Jacqueline Humbert, with piano, violins, and trumpets, made for the film directed by George Manupelli, St. Theodore Films and John B. Caldwell Productions, Bethlehem, NH, Toronto, and Los Angeles.

With Humbert, J. (Ed.) & G. Manupelli. (Santa Clarita, CA: Chez Hum–Boom Publications and Aesthetic Research Centre of Canada). A set of piano–vocal scores. [Distributed by Frog Peak Music, Hanover, NH.]

With George Manupelli and Jacqueline Humbert, performance art ensemble, created for the Maple Sugar group, Toronto.

[SCORE AVAILABLE FOR DOWNLOAD] The first in the In the Beginning series of eight major works for various instrumental ensembles, soloists and electronic media.

Contains parts of And Out Come the Night Ears (1978) for piano and Buchla 300 Series Electric Music Box and How Much Better if Plymouth Rock Had Landed On the Pilgrims, Section V (1969), in a duet version performed by Rosenboom and Donald Buchla with two Buchla Series 300 Electric Music Box instruments, 1750 Arch Records, #S-1774, Berkeley, CA, 1978, [LP record]; complete version of And Out Come the Night Ears re-mastered for digital was released on Future Travel, New World Records, #80668, New York, 2007, [CD].

Description of performance art project.
Rosenboom, D. & J. Humbert. In Parallelogram Retrospective, 1976-1977. (Montreal: Association of Non–Profit Artists' Centers), 138–139.

Extraordinary songs and lyrics by Jacqueline Humbert a.k.a. J. Jasmine, David Rosenboom and George Manupelli, made for Ann Arbor Film Festival, A.A.F.F. #DR-001, 1977, [LP record]; re-mastered for digital and released with bonus track, Oasis in the Air—(original version made for George Manupelli's film, Almost Crying), by Big Pink Music, Korea, 2011, [CD]

Viola da gamba virtuoso, Peggy Sampson's recording of the unique, three-movment work by Rosenboom that she commissioned for viola da gamba with electronic resonators, on The Contemporary Viola da Gamba, Music Gallery Editions, #MGE-7, Toronto, [LP record]

With Michael Byron and William Winant; open form music.

Solo piano interfaced with Buchla 300 Electronic Music System, developed through improvisational practice.

[PDF AVAILABLE FOR DOWNLOAD] On Being Invisible: I. The qualities of change (1977), II. On being invisible (1978), III. Steps towards transitional topologies of musical form (1982). Musicworks, 28. (1984). (Toronto: Music Gallery), 10-13.