"There are two basic principles of musical structure I rely on. The first is expressed by the force of attraction, (gravity, love, concentration, creation), and the second lies in the idea of repetition, (materialization, duration). My mindfulness of this constitutes the only score. I find I must wait before the beginning of each performance until I am surprised by the first sound I make and the fact that it is made. Then, I feel ready to proceed."

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Radio feature documenting current activities at the CCM produced for US Ear, National Public Radio, Oaland, CA.

Anthology of eight works for electronic media, including In The Beginning I (Electronic) (1978), And Come Up Dripping (1968), Musical Intervention 1979, Zones of Influence, Part I, The Winding Of A Spring, a) The Stochastic Part, b) The Tripartite Structure (1984), Urboui, Part I, Pear Facts (1968), Musical Intervention 1982, Music For Unstable Circuits (+Drums) (1968), and Trio II (1978), Slowscan Editions, Vol. 7, 's-Hertogenbosch, Holland, 1987, [cassette]

[SCORE & PARTS AVAILABLE FOR DOWNLOAD] A virtuosic trio with Introduction; Themes and Transformations for violin, piano and percussion inspired by ideas of morphogenesis and evolution.

Computer assisted synthesis and processing systems, environmental recordings, keyboards, violin, auxiliary sound objects, and sampled sounds; underlying narrative derived from mixing three ways of viewing the evolution of language.

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A review.
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